Most of the world's population consumes non organic food. Pesticide and other chemical residues in food have led to a significant increase in various diseases, mainly various forms of cancer. Pesticide usage has led to the buildup of harmful chemicals in the soil and water and in our bodies.

More and more people, who are more conscious of their health, prefer organic foods or those using organic farming methods. Organic Farming uses preventive measures rather than cures.

Organic farming is based on principles of health, ecology, care and fairness the key principles of organic farming are based on care and respect for society and environment. Organic farming is capable of restoring the health of the soil, water and air. Nothing is taken from the earth without giving something back.

Benefits of Organic Farming

  • Organic farming proves to be more profitable than the conventional commercial farming methods.
  • Organic farming reduces production costs by about 25-30%, as it does not involve the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which makes organic farming cost effective.
  • Soil is the most important component in farming and organic farming preserves soil by reducing soil erosion up to a large extent.
  • Organic farming also preserves soil fertility for a long time.
  • Organic farming has a positive effect on the ecosystem, as it is not harmful to wildlife. It even provides safe pasture lands for grazing.
  • Organic farming has proved useful for the dairy industry. Cattle grazing on organic farmlands have been found to be less prone to diseases and yield more milk. These are definitely good signs for a consumer of these dairy products from health perspective and for a dairy organization from the profit perspective.
  • Products or foodstuffs produced from organic farming do not contain artificial flavours, preservatives or any harmful chemicals.
  • The original nutritional content of food is preserved due to the absence of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Organic products moreover are tastier than the products yielded from conventional farming.
  • Consumption of products obtained from organic farming minimises the risks of disease. Scientific studies have proven that organic foods are healthier than the inorganic ones.

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